Parter (detail), linocut on kitakata paper, 2019.

Parter (detail), linocut on kitakata paper, 2019.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of paper do you use?
30gsm kitakata, 51gsm Awagami okawara paper, and 35gsm Thai kozo.

What carving tools do you use?
Pfeil gouges size 9, 11, 11.5, 12; Speedball linozips size 1, 3, 5; Ramelson 1/4” bent gouge.

What linoleum do you use?
Double-sided battleship gray, various suppliers

How do you transfer drawings to blocks?
I draw directly on the block.

What kind of press do you use?
A metal spoon and upper body strength (I do not own a press).

Why the small print editions?
See above. Printing is time- and labor-intensive. In addition to making relief prints, I am also a freelance illustrator and have fun hobbies I enjoy (such as reading, sewing, hiking and gardening).

Where are you from/based?
Florida panhandle originally, then Oklahoma City/Norman, then Oregon. I currently live in Tulsa.

Where is your artwork exhibited?
Exhibition information can be found here, and on my instagram and twitter.

What is your art about?
I draw stylistic and conceptual influence from nature, contemporary fiction, Medieval and ancient art, pre-Colonial American art, myths, ukiyo-e, and the decorative arts, particularly those of early twentieth century America. My work interprets personal and some less-personal subjects—our present climate crisis, for one—as characters in the myths and rituals of a fictional culture.

If you would like to know more about the weird wordless fiction of a specific piece or series, contact me: